In the Community

Madeleine Dassow, Interactive Resource Center

“Every Fall the IRC hosts the Dignity Event to introduce the community to our mission as a day center for those experiencing homelessness.  Oftentimes Dignity is the only thing a person experiencing homelessness has left.

Without the help of sponsors like Rental Works & Partymakers we would be unable to make this event happen. Each year, William Duke at Rental Works & Partymakers, is ready and willing to help us with whatever we need to make this event a success.

They truly care about our community and are a dream to work with. Their employees are kind and always on time both for drop off and pick up. Rental Works & Partymakers can truly make the difference between a great event and an OK event. This is the third year that they have chosen to be a sponsor for this event.

Our sincere thanks for their commitment to making Greensboro a better community and for caring about those less fortunate.”